Agbits is a rural New Zealand innovation company set up after years of frustration with outriggers available on the market.

About Us

Roger Dalrymple, a farmer from Bulls, founder of Agbits, has an enquiring mind always looking for better ways to improve products or develop new products for New Zealand farming. He has created and developed some reliable and trustworthy products to withstand harsh farming conditions.
The Flexirigger was the first product having seen how many traditional electric fence outriggers were damaged or broken on his own farm.
The Flexifeeder was the next product with Roger being frustrated with expensive feed being poured onto the ground, wasting 25%.

Roger farms Waitatapia Station and was the winner of the 2007 Balance Farm Environment Awards. Needless to say all Agbits designs and products are used on the farm. Agbits is always looking to finding solutions for everyday farm problems.

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A little kiwi ingenuity!

All the products sold by Agbits have been developed by Roger Dalrymple who has been frustrated with the current products on the market.    Roger who loves challenges and does not believe in the word can’t decided to develop solutions for every day problems that all farmer face on a daily basis.    The Flexirigger was the first product developed that has provided a logical solution allowing the Flexirigger to move.     This has been a very logical and practical solution for many farmers who are using the Flexiriggers eliminating their electric fence problems associated with their previous outrigger.

The Flexifeeder is the second product which has been developed.    It’s development has provided a practical low cost Feed trough which is designed to Flex with the animals rather than build a stronger, heavier product to with stand the rigors of animal behaviour.     Several options are available, all helping farmers reduce feed wastage, a major cost on every farm.

Flexifeeder Flexirigger