“Nothing Beats a Flexifeeder – Designed by a farmer for farmers”


The Flexifeeder is an innovative modern feed trough, suitable for many animal types. There are options to suit large or small mobs or if total flexibility is required – The Flexifeeder Skid Trough provides an option that can be moved daily or as required.

The original Flexifeeder is set up using posts and wires with a Poly liner forming the feed trough. Two options are available with different components being used to suit all budgets. The Heavy-Duty option provides a Flexifeeder that provides an alternative to concrete feed troughs but is superior in many areas. All these Flexifeeders are available for single or double-sided feeding.

The Flexifeeder Skid Trough is the largest “movable” feed trough on the market. They are available up to 10 metres long and in 5 different sizes, ranging from our “Drive Over” option for trail feeding, to our Jumbo Skid for bulky high roughage diets.

All Flexifeeders are designed to flex with the animals or machinery plus the “Flexifeeder liner” are gentle on all animal when feeding.

Product Specs

The Flexifeeder


  • Saves feed
  • Low cost per metre
  • Easily joined to suit individual requirements
  • Gentle on animals
  • The flexible design suits both animals and machinery

The Flexifeeder

The Flexifeeders are all sold in 20 metre kitsets which are easily joined, supplied with quality stainless components plus a purposely designed “Flexifeeder liner”. The choice of single or double-sided feeding is available with an option of a high side on the Single sided version stopping animals pushing feed out of the trough.

The Heavy-Duty version uses 6mm cable wire to support the upgraded Flexifeeder liner, plus high quality 4mm stainless wire internally making this an extremely strong feed trough but still Flexible for animals and machinery. All stainless wires are covered with Polyethylene tubing.
Steel posts supplied with the Heavy-Duty option, are covered with Polyethylene to protect them from corrosion resulting from the silage. The choice of single (1000mm wide) or double-sided (1200mm wide) feeding is available with an option of a high sided version on the single-sided Flexifeeder which stops animals pushing feed out of the trough.

Models Available:

• Flexifeeder Single Sided – 900mm wide x 450mm high x 20m long
• Flexifeeder Single Sided with High Side – 900mm wide x 450mm deep x 20m long
• Flexifeeder Double Sided – 1100mm wide x 450mm deep x 20m long
• Flexifeeder Heavy-Duty Single Sided with High Side – 1000mm wide x 500 high – sold per metre
• Flexifeeder Heavy-Duty Double Sided – 1200mm wide x 500mm high – sold per metre

Agbits recommends building the Flexifeeder Heavy-Duty models on a concrete plinth as shown in the photo gallery.

The Flexifeeder Skid Trough


  • Feeds up to 40 large cows/steers
  • Tough simple design
  • Easily moved
  • No moving parts
  • Cheap to transport

The Flexifeeder Skid Trough

The Flexifeeder Skid Troughs are an extremely versatile feed trough. Suitable for most animals and all feed types including a water proof option in the Large model. They are all easily pulled using a 4-wheeler when they are empty but can also be moved full using a Ute or Tractor if break feeding or moving between paddocks. The “Flexifeeder Liners” purposely designed for the Flexifeeder are extremely tough and will stand up to everyday animal abuse. The three larger models - Medium, Large and Jumbo are all supplied with covered Stainless wires, using Polyethylene tubing.

The Flexifeeder Skid Troughs range from a “Drive Over” option for trail feeding through to our “Jumbo” model which is the largest movable feed trough on the market.

Models Available in lengths 4, 6, and 10 metres ;

• Drive Over: 280mm wide x 220mm high
• Mini Skid: 280mm wide x 280mm high
• Medium Skid: 750mm wide x 500mm high
• Large Skid – 1000mm wide x 500mm high (water proof option available)
• Jumbo Skid - 1100mm wide x 550 high

Flexifeeder has all the benefits

Simple & Durable

The Flexifeeder is an extremely simple design, easy to clean, with no moving parts. The Flexifeeder is built using high quality Stainless components, purposely designed “Flexifeeder liners” and “Hot Dipped Galvanised” support legs in the Skid Trough models. This allows the Flexifeeders to stand up to all weather conditions including freezing temperatures plus the day to day rigors delivered by stock.


The Flexifeeder is flexible for animals, machinery and feeding sites. Great at a cow shed, run off or use the same trough for both. The flexible design of the trough means animals are less likely to be injured or caught in the trough, plus the trough can move away from Tractors or Feed wagons if needed with-out breaking the Flexifeeder.

Value for money

The benefits here are huge. Feed loss is minimised, light to transport, simple design. Extremely good value based on volume of feed stored and feeding space provided when compared with other feeders.